Yesterday on my way back from sushi my

Yesterday on my way back from sushi my neighbor I saw a woman lying on the the sidewalk next to Sunset Drive, a very busy street in suburban Miami. We pulled over and called the cops. I was absolutely positive she was in the process of passing over. Her pants were soaked in urine and she appeared not to be breathing. 911 informed me someone had already called. I wanted to leave, afraid of being in such close proximity to a possibly dead body. 

         I knew it would be so shitty if I left.  The fear was palable. Running away and hiding under the covers was all I wanted to do. My neighbor ran up to the woman and kept asking if she was okay. We were across the street from a dive bar. How she could have walked through the busy street was beyond me, so I wondered if she was thrown from a car. Painfully I imagined her missing the skin on the side that was resting on the sidewalk.

When the cops showed up she finally woke up. She only spoke Spanish and screamed not to be touched by the cops. “No me tocas” which means don’t touch me. The woman was at most 32. The cops shooed us away and they put on gloves. She is just a drunk they soothed us. My neighbor wanted to stay, but I wanted to leave. The drunk woman did not want us to leave.

I had to leave. She had to deal with her trouble. I hoped she wasn’t illegal and had to be going back to her country.  Image

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