Top Ten List of Things I Find Annoying


Here is a brief list and I am quite sure it will not be p.c.

1. Vocally overly religious or anti-religious people.  Let others make up their mind without making anyone feel stupid or that they are going to hell. I once knew a pagan girl who trashed the Catholic church any time she could. This meant meals and outings were ruined because she was relentless. Keep your spiritual views to yourself unless asked. Maybe we will agree, but I’d rather talk about other things.

2. Hipsters-Purposely wearing ugly clothes is so 1990s when I did it right the first time.

3. Parents who consider their kid a best friend-What you really are going to be called is Grandma in a few short years.

4. People who complain about their parents-Really? Yes, tell me all about the fight with your mother because I really miss mine all the time even after 12 years. A father who cares that you are still alive? Fascinating.

5.  Drivers who have done you the favor of being on the road-In Miami, turn signals are optional as are stop signs, rules of the road etc.

6. Bullying teachers. If the students have learning, emotional, or behavioral issues please get them outside help. We can only do so much in a roomful of kids and you being passive-aggressive with us sends an irresponsible message to your children.

7. The men that call you baby when you are trying to do business with them.-Only if I was a waitress would it work.

8. People who say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger-Forget you. What is the worst you have been through? I thought so.

9. Professional students who give you work advice. It is always lame and worthless.

10.  Adulters. -Enough said.

About bluebeadpublications

I am a writer living in Miami who loves reading, writing, and editing. If you need a ghostwriter, I am your chick.

2 responses to “Top Ten List of Things I Find Annoying”

  1. Richard McCargar says :

    Anger is a turn-off.

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