Daily Prompt/You Had Me at Woof

Daily Prompt/You Had Me at Woof

I recently spent the whole day reading this book about a woman and how her love for dogs changed her life. When the human world rejects you, the canine one awaits you. Reading this got me thinking about how my pig Doris changed my life. I have been writing on it and took it to my writing meetup. As soon as I am done with this week’s ghostwriting job, I will post it into serials. Animals really do change your entire life and I am grateful for all the four legged ones that have left their marks on my soul. Hopefully we will be reunited on the rainbow bridge,

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I am a writer living in Miami who loves reading, writing, and editing. If you need a ghostwriter, I am your chick.

10 responses to “Daily Prompt/You Had Me at Woof”

  1. sustainabilitea says :

    It worked perfectly. You can check it yourself by going to the Daily Post and scrolling down to the bottom of all the pingbacks where you’ll see yours. 🙂 Hurrah!



  2. debhuntinbrokenhill says :

    I love your courage and your determination to keep writing. Doing it, revising it, and doing it again is the only way (for me) to get better at it. I tried for many years to get published, finally decided to self-publish Dream Wheeler, and as soon as I did that I found an agent. I’m now working on two books for Macmillan. Very best wishes for your future success.

  3. nrhatch says :

    Pets rock! Love the title of that book . . . You Had Me At Woof!

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