My Tagline: Daily Prompt

Red lipstick takes you everywhere.

        I have been wearing red lipstick since I was quite young. My mother read the Enquirer -an American tabloid on a weekly basis, I would cut out the animal pictures and she would keep up with the royal gossip. While I turned the pages, I noticed all the beautiful women wore a red lip. As I grew older, bolstered by my mother always telling me how pretty I how and frightened by the number of boys in my class who told me I was ugly, I saw red lips as the way to stand out.

People will bash the color, saying it is for harlots and the like. I disagree. Red lips tell the world you are bold and glamorous. If there is one thing I have learned living in Miami, it is that men are not attracted to smarts or beauty; they love the illusion of beautiful. There is an air of stardom when you put it on. I worked in an elitist day school where everyone was trying to stay below the radar. Not me. Red lips, mirror aviators and my yeti like coat commanded the hallways and in the end, too much attention from the administration who chided me for putting on my own glamour party. They wanted me to be more “school marm” and I wanted to be me.

Wearing red lipstick makes you stand out. When you stand out, talk will be had. Talk can lead to confidence which enables you to get on airplanes to foreign lands by yourself or to sit on your sofa meditating until you reach the center of your soul. Red lipstick will take you everywhere. Go put on some and notice how different you feel.

I do not know about ping backs or how to do them. Please enlighten me.


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I am a writer living in Miami who loves reading, writing, and editing. If you need a ghostwriter, I am your chick.

16 responses to “My Tagline: Daily Prompt”

  1. greatbigdragon says :

    A pingback is where you put a link to some page in your blog, and I think WordPress automatically traces it back and if the page you linked to has pingbacks enabled, it will automatically generate a comment with a link to your page, the referring page. It’s like automatic cross-referencing; it allows people to find related posts, and let’s you know when someone references something you wrote.

  2. RituKT says :

    Your blog and your tagline are the same? Cool. I wish I had the same clarity of mind.
    It’s great that you have always had the confidence to pull off something people are scared of. I know I was. I started experimenting last year with shades in the red color category. I gradually moved up to brick red. It is such a beautiful color and instantly lifts any simple look to classy and glamorous.

  3. mogispie says :

    I love red lipstick. I so badly wish I could pull it off but for some reason I imagine it highlights all the flaws on my skin, even when I wear foundation. For this reason I tend to highlight my eyes to keep attention away from my lips. Your post has inspired me to give it another try 🙂 thanks.

    • bluebeadpublications says :

      I have a flush of red in my cheeks so I use a blue red. There are so many types of red. I went to MAC and they picked a pink and a red for me. I only use the pink when I can’t find the red.

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