It Would Be So Very:Daily Prompt

“It would be so very.”-Heathers

    The word very is one of the laziest words. It is an adverb that is overused as an adjective. As a teacher I discourage students from using it in essays. It bothered me so much, I would take five points off for its use much to their dismay. They would see is as an easy way to be descriptive. I wanted them to expand their vocabulary. Image

The room was very cold. Bad

The room was frigid/arctic/freezing/. Better

 That house is very ugly. Bad

That house is gaudy/an eyesore/ hideous. Good

Using very is the same as using curse words to be descriptive. It does show a lack of vocabulary and lack of imagination. Frequent users should purchase some vocabulary cards to acquire some new words.


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14 responses to “It Would Be So Very:Daily Prompt”

  1. leecalisti says :

    Heathers is a great movie (almost said very)

  2. jwkuyser says :

    I like it when ‘very’ is used as a curse word. As in ‘How very dare you!’. So for that very reason it needs to stay in the language!

    I see what you mean though, I’m wondering how much I misuse the word. When I was at school the word most hated by teachers was ‘nice’. I tend to overuse ‘So’. So I must banish that word instead!

  3. Jnana Hodson says :

    Unless it was in a direct quote, I typically deleted if from newspaper stories I was editing.
    Listen to TV newscasts, though, and just count how many times the voice emphasizes a word like very, going for the emotion over any factual content.

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