Modern Woman: Daily Prompt

I have no romantic notions about other times. Women used to be domestic slaves not that long ago. They had no say and their sole purpose was have children. In another era I would be a grandmother. Marriage could happen as young as twelve. Little girls had no say because they were property and most were uneducated. The female mind was considered childish and hysterical. Many women were sent away or even hung (Salem witch trials) for being independent and ballsy.

In defense of times passed, I will say I appreciate families sticking together and when a father asked suitors’ intentions right off the bat. There was none of this dating for twelves years without commitment nonsense. It would be nice to romanticize that fathers were great back in the day, but humans are never particularly great.  At least in this day and age we have more entertainment to escape that fact.

I could not live in another time. No one else has a say in my life and I am going to keep it that way.

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I am a writer living in Miami who loves reading, writing, and editing. If you need a ghostwriter, I am your chick.

11 responses to “Modern Woman: Daily Prompt”

  1. Christopher De Voss says :

    I just watched the Pussy Riot documentary and now read this…I’m feeling very feminist all of the sudden…

  2. ridicuryder says :


    I can’t see myself doing another marriage, but I wonder if “no one else having a say in your life” excludes marriage. On the one hand “Duh, of course it does” then on the other hand, what if a lot of the time, their say is the same as yours?


  3. bluebeadpublications says :

    Can you please explain how I can send a ping back? I still don’t get it.

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