Musee Rodin: Daily Prompt

I always thought sculpture was not truly art. It was the dentist/chiropractor of the art world. Met the qualifications, but no one took it seriously. Two summers ago, I went with my London family for two weeks to Paris. My sister-in-law rented a flat in the 16th district. She is type A so we marched around Paris until I thought my feet were bleeding.  We came to the Rodin museum and for the first time I became enraptured by sculpture as perhaps the purest form of art. I walked around the house mesmerized by his sketches and pieces. Rodin was a genius and his house is like a portal to another realm. In the garden, my s-i-l and I had lunch. It had been fairly normal, except for a bee that was out to get me, when we had a very honest conversation about life. It was the first time we exchanged private information.

When I think of the Musee Rodin I think of the beauty of sculpture and the communication that allows others into our private world.

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15 responses to “Musee Rodin: Daily Prompt”

  1. Billie says :

    I love Auguste Rodin, such a fantastic sculptor. Would love to see his work in France so here’s to hoping! 🙂

    Will reply to your comment on my post on sculptures asap; was writing along nicely when my Firefox crashed. Grrr… :D)

  2. microrrelatososhortstories says :

    Aaaahhh Rodin, the same man who owns several Dalis also owns some original signed copies of Rodin’s sculptures here in Mexico… They are exquisite, grounded but ethereal at the same time… I need to go back to Paris for several reasons and this is one of them, thanks for a great post, read you soon, Alexandra

  3. Joyce Poggi Hager says :

    My introduction to sculpture came many years ago when I was very young and my mother brought home a replica of Rodin’s The Kiss. I was shocked at the time but my father was pleased with his gift. They placed it on top of his dresser and it’s remained there ever since.

  4. sheepinabasket says :

    Too bad I didn’t stop there while I was in Paris. Have spent a lot of time at Le Louvre, have seen Picasso’s museum and Victor Hugo’s house. Have you been?
    Nice post! I love sculptures – I find them very “touching” as I can almost imagine it seems what the artist was thinking or feeling or yet even who he may have been thinking of while working. I have one of my paintings in my post “Have I mentioned Leigha”… and while I painted that the feelings were really awesome. I still visualize the moments!

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