What Was Your Biggest Mistake as a 20 something?

I was having dinner tonight with A, my friend. Our busboy settled into a conversation with us about how hard it is being in your 20s without family or supportive friends. White knuckled is how I spent my twenties. Many lessons were learned and I passed on my wisdom to the kid. He found comfort in two women listening to him with empathy.

On the way home  A and I launched in a discussion into the tribulations of being 20 something girls. We had different experiences, yet we had enough of common. I wondered what other people wished they knew when the adult world is both terrifying and delightful. 

What do you wish you knew?

What was your biggest mistake? 

I wrote this last night before the DP came out. Funny how the universe works. I have an appointment to turn my dog into Courtney Love for the 4th of July fireworks, so I will answer when I get back. Please let me know your experience and I will share mine.


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19 responses to “What Was Your Biggest Mistake as a 20 something?”

  1. microrrelatososhortstories says :

    Though I married my highschool sweetheart, my biggest mistake was dedicating myself solely to our relationship (plus school, of course), I missed out on many things people my generation were living: school trips, parties, meeting other boys… I never listened to the voice of reason, a.k.a. my mom and the few close friends that put up with me under the circumstances… c’est la vie 🙂 good stuff, brought back memories, thanks, Alexandra

  2. yulim says :

    I wish I’d known that putting my needs and wishes on hold in order to please others did not make me a better person.

  3. Socialkenny says :

    I really couldn’t say what I wish I knew, but I can deal with the unfortunate. Actually, it’s only 1 thing:

    I wish I’d taken high school seriously.

    I flubbed up all throughout high school content with being a troublemaker. I’m now 31 and wish I’d gone about it differently.

  4. Socialkenny the Pick-up Artist says :

    Oh, now that I think about it, I wish during my early 20’s, I knew that chicks were as sexually interested in men as we are in them 🙂

  5. thirdworldcountrygirl says :

    I am 21 and I wish I could know how to find a balance in life, you know with everything you deal with daily: college, work, friends, family, boyfriend.. I could go on!

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