Hurricanes:Daily Prompt

I live in Miami and while it is beautiful, it can also be deadly. Hurricane season is from about June to November. This is every year. Natives know they have to be prepared for a possible disaster. I lived through Hurricane Andrew when I was 14. My sister and I hid under a desk in my father’s office as we heard bottles, cats, etc fly through the air outside. Our guard dogs waited by the front windows for looters. My father drove me through the streets afterwards. Destruction and devastation had taken over the magic city. 

I know I have to gather water because it might be shut off. After Andrew we were so desperate for a shower, we drove to a lake. My mother already a but nutty had us all sit around and pray. She was nervous while I enjoyed the break in the darkness. When I got older, the hurricanes had more gravity.

I had to be responsible. When one comes, or as was the case one year more than two, I call my sister and we make plans. My landlords have a generator and I am close to a canal. Cramped, but centrally located, we make my house the station. I buy the water and entertainment. She brings the food. As the rains come, I recall the unease of being confined and praying. In those moments I understand the power of nature. 

About bluebeadpublications

I am a writer living in Miami who loves reading, writing, and editing. If you need a ghostwriter, I am your chick.

5 responses to “Hurricanes:Daily Prompt”

  1. Marilyn Davies says :

    I’ve never experienced a hurricane or twister, I thank my lucky stars for that. Mother nature can be such a bitch at times, and the smart ones are ready for her. Even though she is destructive, I can’t help be in awe of her.

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