There Was No Alternative:Daily Prompt

When I was 20 years old, I was cut off. No reason, no explanation, just a hey we’re sending you money, you are just spending it all. The truth was I was not getting any checks and my tuition was not being paid so all the plum classes I registered for would slip through my fingers with non-payments. I would call my dad crying.  Without being told, I understood I would have to put myself through school.

My father was not down on his luck, in fact, he was a doctor with a local television show who regularly handed out hundreds to strangers and for tips.  All my life when I asked why he did not spend more time with me he would say I have to pay for your college somehow.   I was devastated, but more so because his new wife had forced him to choose between us: she wanted Gucci shoes and I wanted my education. He could not understand why I disliked him. In his mind there was no correlation between me being cut off and being angry with him. I had to grow up very quickly at 20. The thing is there was no other alternative . I had to assume complete responsibility for myself and make do with the money I had saved when times were flush.

This meant I had to learn to budget and say no to things I largely wanted to do. The girls from my boarding school were traveling the world and I was wondering how long could I survive on peanut butter and jelly. During my twenties I worked three jobs-day school, night school, summer school, not to mention tutoring-all to make ends meet. My mother died when I was 23 effectively making me an orphan. I would dream about being homeless.

I had no choice whatsoever. It was either sink or swim and I could not turn to anyone for help. It was my only choice-survive.  Image

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24 responses to “There Was No Alternative:Daily Prompt”

  1. gudbyeboredom says :

    Look at the bright side, you leaned to survive on your own. Others at that age would probably have given up, you didn’t.

  2. Easter Ellen says :

    Wow – I absolutely love what you posted! After your comment, I came here to see your post and am at a point in my life where I also am standing alone and have to make things happen. Trusting in God and wondering what is next has left me feeling like writing will be the answer to where I will be headed.

    Thank you for your inspiration and for posting this exactly when I needed to read it.


  3. laurenrantnrave says :

    I now understand why you wrote that you wish you had a father like mine. Congratulations on your strength and for becoming a success all on your own!

  4. likeitiz says :

    Like they say, “what does not kill you makes you stronger.” — Nietzsche.

  5. michd74 says :

    You are a survivor. Sink or swim? You chose swim. Good for you!

  6. Sophie says :

    Beautiful wording, great job with the post!

  7. floatingsheep says :

    Stay Strong. Stay beautiful. Stay Amazing. Whatever shit comes one way, always remember that you are a BAMF (bad ass mother fuxker). The fact that you can write all this and address it very succinctly means that you’re a fighter and no matter what hell or wayfall comes at you, it’ll all come out okay! Stay golden!

  8. twocents says :

    Me, myself and I. I totally agree.

  9. bluebeadpublications says :

    How do you send a ping back? Having no luck.

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