Daily Prompt: Wants and Needs

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.”-The Stones

Sometimes in life we try so hard to make things happen. Relationships, careers, friendships and fitting in with others. They don’t work and we rage at the paid employee that is supposed to be guiding our life. Then something happens and we realize prayers go unanswered for a reason. So was the case with my novel, I threw myself into it much to the detriment of my love and scial life. I wanted to be a novelist so badly it became an ache.

Fast forward to this summer, where my prayers have been answered to such a grateful extent that I now have a substantial waiting list for my writing skills. I ghostwrite, meaning other people pay me to develop their ideas and have them come to fruition. This is gratifying on so many levels. My work gets read and bills can be paid by my words. Clients have their dream come true and I do as well. I actually have to stop myself from hugging strangers. I wanted something else, but got exactly what I needed. http://www.maureencastellon.com


About bluebeadpublications

I am a writer living in Miami who loves reading, writing, and editing. If you need a ghostwriter, I am your chick.

11 responses to “Daily Prompt: Wants and Needs”

  1. troy P. says :

    It’s not that we aren’t blessed, it’s that we need to recognize it as such, right?

  2. thehappyhugger says :

    This is wonderful and well done to you!

  3. TrashBash says :

    Ah – you’re very smart…this pleases me because it feeds my brain, also I love that you have found your calling, or rather always knew what it was and now have it. More please.

  4. dmauldin53 says :

    I have nominated you for The Super Sweet Blogging Award. Just look for my post, The Super Sweet Blogging Award, at http://mauldinfamily1.wordpress.com

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