A Magical Afternoon: DP

I had a rough day at my new job. This comes with the stress of a beginning. There is always so much learning that goes on daily. Whenever I feel stressed I head to the beach. The dog and I bring a tiny picnic of water and fruit. She will hop into the passenger side and we head off. The shores are always packed, but by some miracle it wasn’t on Wednesday.

The ocean is my bathtub with its water still warm from the day’s sun and a vastness that is almost numbing. My head goes under the waves and my nostrils fill with salt. As I was move about something touches my leg. Must be seaweed I think as I lift my head. I have spent hours floating in the water and nothing has every touched me. Again something whizzes by me and I squeal like a girl leaping out of the water.

Some Haitian fishermen comes by to check on me. In my broken Spanish I explain that something keeps touching me. He laughs and points to like fish I had never encountered. “Hibiscus,” he explains pointing to these silver fish. I am intrigued. I ask if they bite and he laughs at me. “No, no nina.” He laughs as he walks away and throwing his net a few feet away.

I debate whether or not to return to my spot in the sea. The situation reminds me of the fish pedicures in Thailand where you sink your feet into a small aquarium allowing the fish to nibble away dead skin. I wasn’t into it them, but now I though why not. I slowly approach my spot and lay down. The fish welcome me back and proceed to tap into me. Between the warm water and what feels like little kisses from their surprising warm bodies, I lull into a meditative state.

I am more of a giver than a receiver. My mind is more of a man’s than a woman’s. My aggressive nature that helped me survive being on my own for so long has a hard time being. I always go for what I want and now I am learning how to be more feminine in receiving than masculine in doing. So as I lazed in the sea I let these little creatures frolic about my submerged body and delighted in their tickling bodies.

I only left reluctantly when a few teenagers being rebellious with their dangling cigarettes began to film each other twerking. Miley Cyrus may be adorable doing it, but these girls were so harsh with their movements, it was embarrassing to watch. The dog greeted me with boundless energy begging to go home as I emerged in my own mind as the Birth of Venus. Gladys loves the sand, hates the water. She jumps around me much like the fish did. I mentally said good-bye to my tiny companions thanking them for a magical experience that I vowed to  put in my new book.

It is better to give, but sometimes a girl needs to learn how to receive- the ultimate luxury.


About bluebeadpublications

I am a writer living in Miami who loves reading, writing, and editing. If you need a ghostwriter, I am your chick.

11 responses to “A Magical Afternoon: DP”

  1. likeitiz says :

    Wow, that must have been quite the experience. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do it though. Good for you!

  2. thirdworldcountrygirl says :

    I just nominated you for a Liesbter Award. Please click on the link to see more information:

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