Kindness Should be Random:DP

As a teacher most of my acts of charity are directed towards my students. So outside the classroom, I don’t always have much left over for other humans. For animals, however, it is another story. My dog is my baby and I cannot for the life of me bring home another one. Every time I have volunteered with other dogs, Gladys gives me the side eye when I get home which leads to me giving a particularly vigorous belly rub. SO to keep the peace, I send in sizable donations to the ASPCA, Humane Society and recently one to PETA.

I was once a militant animal rights activist. Boy if I saw a fur coat on you I would seek to dress you down. Now, I realize that it is better to set an example than try to make a stranger submit through harassment. I put my money where my mouth is. Some days, I think teacher and donor, my next life better be sweet.

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I am a writer living in Miami who loves reading, writing, and editing. If you need a ghostwriter, I am your chick.

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