As a teacher, this is an interesting prompt. Teachers are the scapegoats of lazy parents who resent anyone disciplining their wayward offspring. The administration will always side with parents to the point of insanity. Being a teacher is a lesson in patience. 

Who would I want to teach me patience?

Ideally, all the religious figure heads. I would like to learn the secret of the ages. 

Jesus- dealing with those who persecute you for political reasons. All teaching is political. 

Mo-they say Islam is the religion of peace. I would like to learn more. My knowledge of Islam stemmed to a beautiful prom date from long ago. I researched his religion on my own and learned about Ramadan, etc. When I was debating a move to Abu Dhabi, I felt my eyes were open both culturally and otherwise. 

Buddha- I have studied his words in Thailand. I saw his teeth and toenails in various temples. I have a feeling he might be my favorite one. We could discuss Mara at great length. 

Either way, I would like to update all their books. I could, perhaps, ghostwrite their memoirs (www.sirenpublications.com). 

Maybe it is true, a teacher does not like to be taught. 


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I am a writer living in Miami who loves reading, writing, and editing. If you need a ghostwriter, I am your chick.

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