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Maureen Castellon is an Irish American writer currently living in Miami. She has lived in Germany, Spain, Las Vegas, Alabama, and Virginia, but feels most at home in Phuket, Thailand. An avid writer and penny pincher, she has her own ghostwriting business. She has written over twelve books for clients and can generally write about any topic which does not require  math. You can find her in the park by her house walking her beloved Shepard, Miss Gladys McGee,  and/or meditating under the stars.

37 responses to “Author’s Page”

  1. davidconfidential says :

    Lovely to communicate with you and hope you follow my blog!

  2. stephanieliselamoureux says :

    Great Blog! Following ~ Cheers 🙂 P.S. Will check out your Novel – book worm here

  3. juan glower says :

    Well I´m very thrilled to have found your site, hope we can get in touch,next week I´m leaving for Central America, hopping I can hear from you before that, otherwise just say something

  4. isabel says :

    hiiiii its isabel hucker and sophie we found youuuuu

  5. ywwp says :

    Thank you for following my blog –, it drives me ahead. regards

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