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Mix Tape: Daily Prompt

Over the summer a beautiful  man made me a list of Pink Floyd and Beatles songs to get over my dislike of these iconic bands. The gesture was lovely and I had the urge to send him a list of mine back in thanks for introducing me to the song “Wish You Were Here”. Instead, my fabulous readers, here is my list:

1. State of Love and Trust -Pearl Jam. Best song in the universe, has been since I was in high school. Eddie Vedder’s voice just does something to me on an atomic level.

2. Rebel, Rebel-David Bowie. My favorite bisexual in the whole universe personally wrote my anthem.

3. Tomorrow Never Knows-The Beatles. A favourite game of my neighbor is to play Beatles songs and have me ask who’s this. I love this song more than words can say. I love Ringo’s beats and the lyrics are from the Tibetan Book of the Dead which is in my desk at school. Masterpiece.

4. The Thong Song-Sisquo. I did not know how I lived before this song. Totally ratchet, but I love it.

5. Human Behavior– Bjork. No words can describe the ecstasy I feel when I hear this song. I love the drums and the lyrics. In my debut novel the love interest is Icelandic. Bjork is a strange one and I have always admired her independent spirit. Debut is her best album.  

6. Beetlebum– Blur. In college I had a Brit Pop radio program and I opened with this song as often as possible. It is melancholy, but I believe in having a whole spectrum of emotions, not just what is comfortable.

7. Waiting Room– Fugazi. I am a punk rock girl.

8. Fuck Was I-Jenny Owens Youngs. Perez Hilton introduced this song on his website. I think it perfectly captures  heartache and the dark humor that develops as a result. “Maybe I’ll be the lucky one who doesn’t get hurt/ What the fuck was I thinking?”

9. Settle Down-Kimbra. It is about not wanting to settle down and live your life to fit society’s mandates.

10. Pure Morning-Placebo. I listen to this song every morning. No words can describe my attachment. It just is. I have no memories for this song in particular, but the opening riff sends me to heaven. Sometimes I like to imagine I’m a Bond Girl and this is my song as I enter a room in my Jinx bikini and shoot down all the chandeliers.

11. A White Tara Kirtan-Various Artists. I had a Thai Buddhist monk introduce me to this deity a few years ago. I try to do my malas as much as possible.

12. Closer-Nine Inch Nails. Nothing needs to be said.

What Was Your Biggest Mistake as a 20 something?

I was having dinner tonight with A, my friend. Our busboy settled into a conversation with us about how hard it is being in your 20s without family or supportive friends. White knuckled is how I spent my twenties. Many lessons were learned and I passed on my wisdom to the kid. He found comfort in two women listening to him with empathy.

On the way home  A and I launched in a discussion into the tribulations of being 20 something girls. We had different experiences, yet we had enough of common. I wondered what other people wished they knew when the adult world is both terrifying and delightful. 

What do you wish you knew?

What was your biggest mistake? 

I wrote this last night before the DP came out. Funny how the universe works. I have an appointment to turn my dog into Courtney Love for the 4th of July fireworks, so I will answer when I get back. Please let me know your experience and I will share mine.

Musee Rodin: Daily Prompt

I always thought sculpture was not truly art. It was the dentist/chiropractor of the art world. Met the qualifications, but no one took it seriously. Two summers ago, I went with my London family for two weeks to Paris. My sister-in-law rented a flat in the 16th district. She is type A so we marched around Paris until I thought my feet were bleeding.  We came to the Rodin museum and for the first time I became enraptured by sculpture as perhaps the purest form of art. I walked around the house mesmerized by his sketches and pieces. Rodin was a genius and his house is like a portal to another realm. In the garden, my s-i-l and I had lunch. It had been fairly normal, except for a bee that was out to get me, when we had a very honest conversation about life. It was the first time we exchanged private information.

When I think of the Musee Rodin I think of the beauty of sculpture and the communication that allows others into our private world.

It Would Be So Very:Daily Prompt

“It would be so very.”-Heathers

    The word very is one of the laziest words. It is an adverb that is overused as an adjective. As a teacher I discourage students from using it in essays. It bothered me so much, I would take five points off for its use much to their dismay. They would see is as an easy way to be descriptive. I wanted them to expand their vocabulary. Image

The room was very cold. Bad

The room was frigid/arctic/freezing/. Better

 That house is very ugly. Bad

That house is gaudy/an eyesore/ hideous. Good

Using very is the same as using curse words to be descriptive. It does show a lack of vocabulary and lack of imagination. Frequent users should purchase some vocabulary cards to acquire some new words.

Daily Prompt: You’ve Got the Power

If I had the power to enact a simple law it would be that everyone had to think for themselves. People could not hide behind religion, political ideologies, apathy or ignorance. Initially some people would be paralyzed with fear or their brain would hurt with the new activity.  In order to make an informed choice, people would have to gather information just as the cavemen gathered berries.

What do you think about the NSA?

Is there such thing as global warming?

What happens when we die?

The saddest thing to think about is we do have this power and it can be taxing. Those that think the most are called introverts and pushed into the shadows, those that barely think get their own reality shows.

My law would be punishable by taking away the people who do not think television set and hand them a real newspaper for them to read.