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Please Help Me Select a New Title for My Novel

My editor feels that the tentative title for my debut novel, Mermaid, is not intriguing.  So I wanted to ask my fellow bloggers for their input. Please tell which title jumps out at you.

In short the story is about a girl who comes of age during a plague on a fictional Carribean island. Along the way she falls in love with her writing idol despite being pregnant with her husband’s child. The island engages in superstition and gossip. The motif is mermaids which symbolize hope and the afterlife.

Here we go. Please feel free to make other suggestions or say none of the above.

1. Under the Waves

2. The Mermaid Plague

3. Mermaids and Plague

4. The Plague and the Mermaid

5. Bloodberry Mermaid-there is a fruit on the island called a bloodberry.

6. Bloodberry, Mermaid, Plague

Thank you!